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    Technical control must see, how fast is the USB Type-C interface?

    There are more and more products adopting the Type-C interface, so how much do you know about the Type-C interface? Today, will introduce the benefits of Type-C interface to you.


    Appearance features


    Thinner bodies require thinner ports, which is one of the reasons why USB-C came into being. The USB-C port is 0.83cm long and 0.26cm wide. The old-fashioned USB ports are 1.4cm long and 0.65cm wide. This also means that the end of the USB-C cable will be one-third the size of a standard USB-A type cable plug.

    2、No pros and cons

    The front and back of the USB-C port are identical, which means it's correct no matter how you plug it into the port. Users don't have to worry about the pros and cons of traditional USB ports.

    Technical Features

    In summary, USB Type-C has the following characteristics:

    1、The maximum data transmission speed reaches 10Gbit/s, which is also the standard of USB 3.1;

    2、The size of the Type-C interface socket end is about 8.3mm×2.5mm slim design;

    3、Supports the "positive and negative insertion" function that can be inserted from both sides, and can withstand 10,000 repeated insertions and withdrawals;

    4、The standard cable with Type-C connector can pass 3A current, and also supports "USB PD" that exceeds the existing USB power supply capability, which can provide up to 100W of power.

    The main function


    Theoretically, the maximum transfer rate of a USB-C port is 10Gb per second. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts, which can speed up the charging time. And USB-A, so far the limit transfer rate is 5Gbps, the output voltage is 5V.


    The XPS 12's USB-C port can transfer data, charge and also serve as a video output port to connect to an external display device.


    Unlike older USB ports, where power can only be transferred in one direction, the USB-C port's power transfer is bidirectional, which means it can have two ways of sending power. Therefore, the user can not only charge the mobile device with the notebook, but also charge the notebook with other devices or power banks.

    4、Backward Compatibility

    USB-C can be compatible with the old USB standard, but users need to buy an additional adapter to complete the compatibility.


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